Ever pick a stock that went up 4600%? It doesn't happen every day. Imagine how you'd feel walking into your boss' office for your bonus review and having that gain brought up as your crowning achievement. Or imagine walking in for a client meeting and having a client bring up that stock even though you made that call nearly ten years ago.

Let me tell you from experience that those are great feelings. You see, I made that call...the pick that went up over 4600%, back in 2003 and I have made other great calls since then that have more than doubled or tripled the money that was  invested in them. Here are just a few of my triple-digit gainers over the years:

AAR Corp +444%
Children's Place +258%
Dollar Tree +578%
Chico's FAS +425%
Signet Jewelers +404%

My 4600% gainer was Cleveland Cliffs. Given I have been a consultant for the past ten years, and my reports are not typically published for public consumption, some people have said "where's the proof?" Anyone can write up a report after the fact and back date it.  Here's the proof: Forbes wrote an article about my Deep Value Retail Portfolio in November 2008. Out of the eight stocks listed as Nef's Picks, seven have since generated returns of over 100%. The link will bring you to the article on the Forbes website. 

So how can an analyst find triple-digit winners consistently?  To be honest, it takes a lot of work. Reading is the key. Imagine going through dozens of research reports, press releases, transcripts, financial reports and press releases each day looking for potential catalysts that can drive a stock higher. Day after day, you read, collecting information on individual stocks, industries and economies looking for actionable ideas. But this is only the first step!

For each stock that you look at or read about you are also developing detailed valuation spreadsheets each showing decades of valuation data. You develop price to cash flow, price to sales, price to earnings and price to book multiples for when the stock is trading at a 52-week highs, 52-week lows and median multiples over numerous time frames. 3-year, 5-year 10-year, 20-year multiples, you calculate them all to help you try and predict how the stock will trade in the future. Working with spreadsheets becomes second nature for you.

Balance sheet strength is the final ingredient for a triple-digit winner! Many of the stocks that surge 100% or more are either small-cap stocks or are stocks of companies that are experiencing problems. Earnings visibility is usually low and a solid balance sheet and good financial strength can help to separate the gem from the pile of rocks. 

So, do you want the pleasure of wowing your superiors or investors with a triple-digit gain? There are two things you can do: 1. You can do all of that grueling work I described above and hope that I told you all of the steps in the process. Or 2. you can subscribe to The Sure Shot Letter and let me do all of the heavy lifting. While I can't guarantee that any of my picks will be triple-digit gainers, I can state that I will try to give you three or four opportunities a year to swing for the fences with a well-thought-out investment idea that has the potential to rise 100% or more in the coming thirty six months.Subscribe today! 

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